The Crew

Justin Janowitz – A graduate of Ithaca College’s prestigious Roy H. Park School of Communications with a degree in cinema and photography, this gifted filmmaker’s love affair with cinema began long before then.  Some of his favorite childhood memories are going to the corner video store with his mother in New Hampshire where he grew up, and trying to answer the store’s daily film related trivia questions to get free rentals, little did he know at the time, seeds were being planted.

Years later on a family vacation he discovered photography when his father let him try shooting on his old 1970s Minolta SLR. Capturing images for others to see became an obsession, and when the realization hit that he could not only capture what was in front of him, but also create and make tangible for others the images he saw in his head, it was all over, he knew he was destined for the life of an artist, a desk job would not do.




Bobby Hubert – Spends most of his waking hours, and a few sleeping ones, obsessing over 2 things – sound and pixels. As a graduate of the UCLA School of Psychology, these two things have little to do with his formal education but everything to do with his passion and personality. When he discovered his love for sound early on Bobby, being educated in psychology and all, often wondered if his ability to sit quietly with headphones on and a mic pointed at some obscure sound source, for seemingly hours on end without losing his mind, while waiting for that perfect recording was more of a disorder or super power. Either way it has earned him the ability to capture all sorts of intriguing audio bits. He holds the same passion for pushing pixels around making retro graphics for mobile games.